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A shooter needs more than passion.

We are happy to help you!

Here at the Shootingpark you will be supported by professionals. You get useful tips alll around becoming a licensed gun owner, the correct use of hunting and sporting guns and much more.
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    for competitions
    with all kinds of shooting problems
    for your hunting licence
  • Clay birding
    of hunting snd sporting guns

Shotgun training with Andreas Scherhaufer


Get your advisory from the professional clay shooter.

His successes:

  • 2009 sliver medal European Masters Osijek
  • 2012 Starter at the London Olympics
  • 2013 bronze medal world cup Al Ain
  • 2014 gold European Masters Sarlospuszta

Handgun training unit


Our shooting trainers teach you

  • the correct and safe use of your handgun
  • Following our long experience and knowledge we help you eliminate shooting fails and improve your shooting consequently

Rifle training unit


Get lots of useful tips and tricks for your precise rifle shooting.

Weapon handling test


Weapon handling test with support for file application

If you have no weapon license card already, we support you to get it.

You have to be at least 21 years old, pass an psychological test and the weapon handling test to proof your safe gun handling. For both of them we offer special traning courses.

Registration under office@shootingpark.at

    • Weapon handling test
    • Combined course

with support for file application

  • Euro 70.-
  • Practical shooting
  • Lecture gun law
  • Lecture implementing regulation
  • Discussion

Combined course for aquisition of the gun law certificates

  • Euro 360.-
  • Away from 13:30
  • Gun law reliability investigation
  • with support for file application

Dr. Christian Huber and team are on sight.


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