NEW in stock: MAGIC BORE Hand Kit/Travel Kit/Drill Kit

The revolutionary shotgun cleaning tools that makes cleaning shotguns easy!

Designed by a Shooter, made in the UK and currently only available at Shootingpark Leobersdorf.
???? Reduce Cleaning Time to just a few minutes
???? You will never get dirty cleaning your barrels again
???? Removes Plastic & Lead Fouling - The only cleaning kits that do
???? Clever Design Features to protect your gun
???? Cleans Semi-Auto Shotguns fully assembled
???? Only Highest Quality Materials used
???? Designed by a Shooter and Made in the UK 
???? Designed to last a lifetime with low Cost Consumable Parts makes Magic Bore kits the most cost effective cleaning kits on the market
Available in the following versions for cal. 12 and 20:
????Magic Bore Hand Kit
????Magic Bore Travel Kit
????Magic Bore Drill Kit
Available in the shop at Shootingpark Leobersdorf and our online shop: