at the Shootingpark Austria Leobersdorf

Become part of a great community and always be the first to know.
As a member of Shootingpark Austria Leobersdorf you enjoy many benefits.

YOUR advantages as a member of the association

  • Shooting range reservations in advance are possible only for club members
  • Association members benefit from the discounted member prices
  • Members of Shootingpark Austria Leobersdorf receive their personal membership chip card free of charge*, which can be used to control all shooting ranges
  • Sport shooters who compete in international competitions for Shooting Park Austria Leobersdorf are given special support by the club
  • Member promotion; once a quarter, members enjoy an extreme promotion on a product
  • Participation in exclusive club championships
  • "Members' regulars' table" events (in planning)

*In the event of loss, you will receive a new, personalized chip card at any time for EUR 5.

Membership is concluded for an indefinite period. The membership fee of currently € 100 is exclusively a flat-rate annual fee and includes all services from the start of the contract until December 31 of the year (aliquot refunds are not possible). Membership is automatically renewed on December 1 for a further year. Membership can be terminated daily, on December 31 of the current year, subject to a one-month notice period.



  • Admission fee: EUR 50,- one-time (not applicable if SEPA mandate is granted)
  • Annual membership fee: EUR 100

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