Austrian National Champions Sporting 2021

An exciting competition took place this weekend in the Shootingpark Leobersdorf. 107 shooters have shown for two days that we are a strong nation of parcours shooters and have given their best. But in the end only the best made it to the podium. So after this weekend the Austrian National Champions and Austrian Champions Parcours in the classes Ladies, Pupils, Juniors, Seniors, Seniors 2, Team and the General Class as well as the Winner and the Placers of the International Class (Open) are fixed.

Congratulations to the winners and finishers, thanks to all shooters for a fair competition and once again we would like to express our respect for the outstanding performances. We would also like to thank all employees of the ASF as well as the Shootingpark Leobersdorf for the excellent organization, which - as always - guaranteed a flawless event.

Here are the results of all classes:

Results General Class:
Winner Josef MELCHER with 186 ahead of Rainer GEISELMAYR with 180 and Christoph GRUBER with 175

Gewinner Allgemeine Klasse PC 2021

Results Laides:
Winner Brigitte KLAUSZ with 156 ahead of Antonia HARTIG with 149 and Christina GRAS with 134

Gewinner Damen PC 2021

Ergebnisse Students:
Winner Tobias LANGEDER with 147 ahead of Clemens RAMSL with 142 and Julius WEINGARTNER with 127

Gewinner Schüler PC 2021

Results Juniors:
Winner Felix HASLINGER with 160 ahead of Matthias RÖHRLING with 151 and Roman RAMSL with 139

Gewinner Junioren PC 2021

Results Seniors:
Winner Karl-Thomas TSCHIDERER with 163+22 ahead of Herbert LUKASEDER with 163+17 and Josef FRÖSCH with 157

Gewinner Senioren PC 2021

Results Seniors 2:
Winner Walter GRAS with 149+16 ahead of Hermann TRAUSNIGG with 149+13 and Ernst MEIXNER with 148

Gewinner Senioren 2 PC 2021

Results Team:
Winner Upper Austria (GEISELMAYR, GRUBER, HUFNAGL) with 521 ahead of Burgenland (BECK, WAGNER, TRAUPMANN) and Lower Austria (ROSSKOPF, GRASSPOINTNER, LUKASEDER)

Gewinner Mannschaft PC 2021

Results Open:
1st Josef MELCHER with 186
2nd Rainer GEISELMAYR with 180
3rd Christoph GRUBER with 175
4th Florian BECK with 171
5th Martin FELBERMAIR with 171
6th Helmut ROSSKOPF with 170

Gewinner Open PC 2021