The dynamic disciplines are becoming increasingly popular. With the 8-part "Leoville Bullet Bowl" competition series this year, we offered beginners and advanced players an entertaining competition program. In addition, a regional championship (Lower Austria) and an Austrian championship (PCC) were also organized.

We already have a lot in the pipeline for 2024: the IPSC competitions will continue, but will be shot as a series of competitions with 3 events each (the best 2 of which will be scored). A multi-gun competition series will be added in the middle of the year, which will include rifle and shotgun stages as well as pistol stages. Events will follow in due course!

Our trainer Manfred will be happy to help you and is available for in-depth IPSC training every Wednesday evening with other IPSC Austria trainers.

Speaking of IPSC trainers: We are strengthening our IPSC trainer team - more information is available at info@shootingpark.at