With the right training
to more success

Our professionals will teach you:

  • Fundamentals in all disciplines
  • Safe handling in the use of hunting and sporting weapons
  • Optimize your own shooting skills
  • Preparation for competitions
  • Support for problems with shooting technique
  • Examination supervision: completion of the hunting examination, the voluntary practice shooting (for Lower Austrian hunters), the safety instruction, the firearms driving license

Our trainers

Professional competence - empathy - communication at eye level

Our team of trainers consists of professional shooters who can show numerous successes and references in their disciplines.
Their enthusiasm for the shooting sport motivates and through their structured and communicative way of working you learn with us how to handle the gun, the handling and of course the practical shooting - whether beginner or professional. With a lot of calmness, patience and empathy you will learn shooting from scratch or expand your existing shooting skills and increase your performance. 

Manfred Fischer

  • Dynamic shooting
  • Hall Maturity
  • Handgun
  • Long gun

Ferdinand Gaugusch

  • Shotgun
  • Long gun
  • Preparation young hunter exam
  • Sale

Kai Graf

  • Shotgun
  • Running boar
  • Preparation young hunter exam
  • Sale