IPSC safety approval

Training for the safety approval of IPSC Austria

In cooperation with IPSC Austria, training courses on IPSC safety certification are held regularly at Shootingpark Austria Leobersdorf.

Preparation for IPSC safety approval incl. fit4range hall approval.

The preparation courses for the IPSC safety certification take place in about 2 weeks before the actual safety certification, but can also be booked individually in groups of 5 people or more.

ParticipantShooters with basic knowledge of dynamic shooting who wish to prepare for IPSC safety certification.
Target priceLearn or consolidate basic skills, including IPSC rules and regulations.
Master an IPSC course in compliance with IPSC safety regulations
Issue Fit4 Range indoor clearance.
ContentEquipment check
Safety aspects and safety rules.
Basic rules of dynamic shooting.
Commands and signals.
Carrying and handling weapons on dynamic shooting ranges.
Movement with the weapon.
Completion of a course with all procedures required for safety approval.
RequirementsWeapons legal document (weapons pass, WBK), no weapons ban
IPSC-compliant weapon with at least 2 magazines
Holster and magazine pouches
Approx. 150 rounds of ammunition
Hearing protection & goggles
Duration3 - 4 hours
CostsEUR 120,- / person (groups from 5 persons EUR 80,- / person)